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Navratri 2020: Five Homemade Dishes Made During Upcoming Fast

Navratri, one of the biggest Hindu festivals, refers to the nine auspicious nights devoted to different avatars of Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga symbolizes purity and power. This year, Navratri will start from September 17. A large part of north, west and central India celebrate these nine days with great enthusiasm. Devotees observe fast, offers prayers and do Kanya Pujan.

Fasting is a way to express gratitude to the Goddess. During Navratri, most of the people follow the Satvik diet and avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol consumption, while many others avoid onion and garlic from their meals. Dishes like Sabudana khichdi, fruit chaat, kheer and Singhare ki poori are some of the most popular dishes prepared during the nine days of Navratri. Here are 5 homemade dishes that can be prepared during Navratri fast.

Sabudana Khichdi- Sabudana ki khichdi is one of the most preferred dishes during the Navratri fast. It is made up of Sabudana, potatoes and peanuts. Sabudana is a great source of carbohydrates which gives the much-needed energy boost during fast. One can also prepare Sabudana kheer or Sabudana vada.

Low-fat Makhana Kheer- Desserts always cheer up the mood and this low-fat Makhana kheer made up of makhana and nuts is one the favourite dessert for the people during their fast.

Banana-Walnut Lassi- This nourishing drink will charge up the devotees as it is made with the goodness of yoghurt, bananas, honey and walnuts. This healthy lassi keeps people energized throughout the day.

Kuttu ki Poori- This gluten-free, vegan, crispy and hot pooris are made up of Kuttu ka atta or buckwheat flour. The delicacy served with Aloo ki Sabji or Chole is the perfect alternative during the Navratri fast.

Singhare ki Poori– Made up of Singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour) and boiled mashed potato, this poori is gluten-free and good for health. These pooris can be accompanied by Khatta Meetha Kaddu or Jeera Aloo or Pumpkin ki Sabzi.

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