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Mindfulness: This World Is Not Forever

We mostly have different opinions on similar kind of events. But when we look at an event carefully, we find that same thing appears differently when we see them in different ways.

Once a king saw a dream that someone is moving on the terrace of his palace. He went to the terrace and saw a person, and asked, “Who are you and what are you doing here?” The person replied, “My camel is lost, so I am searching for it. The king laughed and said, “How can you find the camel here?”

The man replied, “If your prosperity and money can bring pleasure, then camel can be found on the terrace as well.”

The king couldn’t sleep whole night due to this dream. The king asked his soldiers to find if any saint had come! The soldiers couldn’t find any such saint, but the saint himself came at the gate and told the gatekeepers, “Go and tell the king that I want to stay in this palace. I have stayed here earlier as well.” The gatekeeper said, “You are perhaps confused.” But the saint was adamant.

The news reached the king. He told the saint, “You may live here as much as you like, but why are you saying this palace a ‘sarai’? The saint replied, “I have come here earlier as well, but at that time someone else was sitting on this throne.” King said, “That was my father.” The saint said, “I had come even before that as well. At that time someone else was here.” The king replied, “That was my grandfather.”

The saint laughed, “That is why I am saying this throne a ‘sarai’. Here people come and go. You too will go.”

Bliss in life lies more in soil than the rock. Moisture is impossible without tenderness. Love and nonviolence is not possible without tenderness. Life is not easy without them. Life has opened its arms, we have to take a step towards it.

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